Ford PX Ranger (Mazda BT50) Intercooler

In a market that’s dominated by quantity rather than quality Process West have taken a fresh approach to high performance Off-Road Intercooling with the new Ranger-Cooler system. Designed and developed specifically for the 3.2 litre PX Ranger (and its Mazda BT50 Cousin), Ranger-Cooler brings previously unseen technology to the Off-Road market, all the while preserving the basic values of quality and performance that stand Process West apart from their peers.

Original Intercooling

While the factory Ranger PX Intercooler is a quality piece straight out of the box, it is typical of most manufacturer intercooler designs that sacrifice outright performance for cost and packaging reasons. There is also a substantial pressure drop across the Ranger factory cooler at anything other than totally standard boost levels. The long and the short of this is that if your Ranger is tuned, then you are leaving power, torque, and economy on the table with the factory intercooler still in place.


Ranger-Cooler Advantage

At the very outset of the design project the Process West identified and addressed the key aspect of Off-Road intercooling versus other traditional charge air cooling applications. That requirement is to maximize airflow and heat-rejection capability of the intercooler in slow-speed, low flow environments. The conditions are typically encountered when towing heavy loads, or enjoying off-road recreational activity.

A dense internal fin packaging has been used in the Process West Ranger-Cooler to effectively scrub heat from the air, and when combined with Ranger-Coolers massive 700mm x 280mm x 75mm frontal area gives an intercooling performance result that simply cannot be matched in the aftermarket.


Rather than walking out into the market with fingers crossed as to the real-world performance of Ranger-Cooler, Process West instead contracted Willall Racing in South Australia to carry out pressure and temperature data collection on their highly powered Project Ranger development car. With over 50,000km combined testing in Off-Road, Heavy Towing, and general performance SUV applications, Ranger-Cooler has absolutely no peers and is worthy of your consideration.

See here for test results from Willal racing.


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